Gary Dexter


Born in New York in 1950 he studied with Earl Snyder, Tenafly High and Barry Katz, Ohio University. Born to a family of inventors and printers.

Received a degree in Fine Arts from OU in 1972, then moved to Denver and worked at the Wild Rose Stained Glass Studios, 1974, and invented “Growscapes”—landscape paintings with living plants 1975.

Have had numerous exhibitions in Denver, San Diego, New York, developing stylistic changes from abstraction, landscape and most recently, Art-Brut Surrealism. Exhibition dates, 1975-2007.

Extensive travels include Western USA, with wine ventures to France, Italy, Germany.

Wine dealer and Masters of Wine student, 1997-2006.

Mr. Dexter leads a varied life, immersing in art, study of ancient civilization and myth, fine wine, record collecting and hiking the Rockies. Currently developing the ‘Quatrix’ project.

Frank Ciofalo


Born in NYC in 1951, the son and grandson of artists and a child of the Sixties. A couple of years of college in the northeast did not hold my attention, thus started my life as an artist and inventor, and had my first solo show in NYC in 1972.

In the years that followed, I traveled throughout the US and gained valuable insights and experiences, painting and meeting artists, developing new ideas that would later be used in the conception and creation of new games.

I returned to the NY area and spent 25 years using my creative tools as a means of working with people with autism, and developed game theories that resulted in multiple inventions, a few of which are now prototyped.

For the past several years my focus has turned to the refinement and development of board games, namely Quatrix.

Paul Heath


Paul grew up on the east coast where he trained in architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Moving west he worked Los Angeles, Denver, and San Francisco. He co-founded Business Place Strategies, Inc., which focuses on workplace strategy for changing/growing businesses. His clients over time have included: Cisco Systems, Microsoft,, Hewlett Packard, USAID, US Forest Service and others. His chief role with Evenly Odd Games is financial oversight.

Jonah Lawrence

Website Designer and App Developer

Jonah has been doing graphic design and computer programming for a number of years. Jonah enjoys all sorts of good games ranging from Killer Bunnies to The Settlers of Catan, and he has also competed in regional and national chess tournaments when he was younger.