About Quatrix

Quatrix is a fusion of backgammon and checkers with a hint of chess and offers hours of challenge, fun, and strategic learning to gamers — young developing minds and discriminating adults. Different from many new games today, Quatrix respects your intelligence, judgement and skill level, encouraging different avenues of engagement with every outing. Purity of mechanics, multiplicity of maneuvers, and random dice rolls ensure that no two games are ever alike! Quatrix is the perfect tool for teaching elementary geometry too!

Origins of Quatrix

The game, Quatrix, originated in a vision one night many years ago. Inventor and artist Frank Ciofalo awoke with the clarity and foresight to record the basic elements of play. His vision needed completion by reworking the board dimensions, movement of the pieces, mechanics, and a workup and hundreds of hours of refinements to what would become the Rules of Play. The inventor was convinced the game came to him for a distinct reason: to add learning, meaning and value to people’s lives. He was right. When friends played Quatrix with the inventor they witnessed its obvious revolutionary potential. Its classical attributes are undeniable, yet it heralds from the future. And it’s here for you now.   Read more.

How to Play

Play the interactive tutorial below, or click here to read the full rules.


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